Friday, January 18, 2019

Fans Of Weird Robot Comics Support THE SYNTHETICS

EDITOR’S NOTE; Independent comics publisher Martin Lit has previously produced some high quality science fiction comics, available through online order. Here’s an update on their newest project, which sounds interesting   . . . . . . .

Martian Lit is proud to launch the Kickstarter ( for our comic book The Synthetics #0! We're offering a signed-and-numbered print edition of the comic, limited to 100 copies and exclusive to this Kickstarter! And if you act now, you can get big discounts as an early-bird backer!

The Synthetics #0 is a 32-page color comic about an android sex worker on Mars! 
After one of her customers shows her a movie about evil robots, she explores how often robots revolt against organic Martians in those Martians' own fiction... and she begins to wonder whether these stories speak to a desire for robot domination.

The comic is written by Julian Darius, with art and colors by Cloves Rodrigues, and letters by Darius and Steven Legge..

Be a part of making this happen on Kickstarter now:

 Act now to lock in deep discounts as an early-bird backer! Thanks for your support! It means the world to us!

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